Friday, 19 June 2015

New environmental archaeology blog!

A new blog has been established to highlight the work of environmental archaeologists in Ireland. Environmental archaeology is the study of human-environment interactions through the scientific investigation of ancient remains. The remains often derive from archaeological excavations. Environmental archaeologists analyse a wide variety of material, including remains of plants, wood, animals and insects. These analyses reveal what people ate in the past, how they organised their economies, and how people interacted with their local environments and wider landscapes.

The new blog: "Environmental Archaeology in Ireland"
I am an active member of the community of environmental archaeologists in Ireland. Most of us work in the private sector (in companies and as sole traders), and some work in third-level institutions. All of us are enthusiastic about what we do, and we want to share it with a wider audience, so we decided to set up a blog. The blog will showcase interesting discoveries from leading experts in Irish environmental archaeology. This could include insights into the diet of Ireland’s earliest hunter-gatherers, how we deal with enormous datasets, impacts of changing environments during later prehistory, and explorations of identity through the study of exotic medieval foods. The blog will provide readers with an opportunity to meet us and find out what we do. You can ask us questions via the comments section. We hope you follow this new blog and enjoy it!

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